Discover MAXFINE

Discover MAXFINE

The Iris Group presents MAXFINE, large size porcelain slabs made possible thanks to the most innovative technologies.

As a result of this production system and advanced technology, maxfine is the answer to the world of architecture’s demands, an area in which a designer’s expression needs a wide range of environmentally friendly options.
MAXFINE, in the unique size of 10’x5′, is a material that combines the classic and well-established features that have always characterized the Iris Group’s porcelain slabs as the top of the class, with new high-performance qualities such as strength, lightness, flexibility, and adaptability.

In addition to the exceptional size, maxfine slabs offer the novelty of the minimum thickness, as well as the brightness of the smooth finishing. the newly available technology has made it possible to create slabs with stunning size and minimum thickness (6mm).

With the thickness at 6 mm , it is one of the unique qualities, along with its massive size, that make MAXFINE an essential material. the installation does not require the dismantling of pre-existing surfaces, and the large size means that the number of joints are reduced to the lowest possible quantity.

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