The tile council of North America, inc. is an international trade association dedicated to expanding the market for ceramic tile manufactured in North America.
Established in 1945 as the Tile Council of America (TCA), the Tile Council was created with the sole purpose of expanding the ceramic tile market in the united states. TCA’s research laboratory has developed and patented many innovative installation materials which have improved ceramic tile installation.
In 2003, the TCA became the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) to reflect its membership expansion to all of North America – Canada, Mexico and the United States.
The Tile Council is recognized for its leadership role in promoting the use of ceramic tile and in developing north american and international industry standards. Additionally, towards the goal of expanding the ceramic tile market in North America, TCNA regularly conducts independent research and product testing, works with regulatory and trade agencies, offers professional training, and publishes installation guidelines, tile standards, economic reports, and promotional literature.



Smith-Emery Company serves as a single source of testing and inspection for all construction related services in the commercial building market, from the soil to the roof. smith-emery offers a full range of inspection, testing and failure analysis services.


* Shop and field inspection
Over 100 licensed deputy building inspectors in southern California and 70 ICBO certified inspectors in northern California are dispatched daily to jobsites for visual and nondestructive examination on concrete, masonry, aggregates, structural steel, welding, pipe and prefabricated units. A large number of our inspectors are experienced in inspecting seismic upgrade projects. Our steel inspectors often travel to fabrication shops in northern and southern California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico, Vancouver B.C.., Japan, South Korea and Singapore as required. Seismic evaluation

*Engineering support services
Smith-Emery Company is committed to engineering support for all construction projects for which se has the quality assurance responsibility. We currently have 5 civil engineers. Each of our projects is assigned a cognizant civil engineer whose job it is to monitor all testing and inspection activities. This service positively helps us save our clients’ time and money. Statement of qualifications.


Physical laboratory & metallurgical engineering – smith-emery laboratories
* Geotechnical & environmental – smith-emery geoservices
* Chemical laboratory – positive lab services